Bias FX thru Audio Assault Dominator cabs

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    Here's a short video of playing Bias FX through the Audio Assault Dominator speaker cabinets. I'm not exactly sure what it does different than a regular impulse or EQ, but for a while now I've been using these when recording the line outs of real tube heads and combos. It doesn't just seem to get the tone shaping right, it seems like it makes the dynamics "act" right. Even the ear splitting nasty upper midrange of a real microphone/speaker cabinet pair comes through, as it does in this video, so much so that I know I can treat the recorded signal exactly as I would if I were using a microphone. AFAIK Bulldozer has these same cabs as well. Find them at

  • @pipelineaudio Actually, Audio Assault will give you the Cab IRs for free:

    I picked them up about a week back but have yet to check them out. Cool that they are good.

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    These ones aren't IR's, its something goofy Alex is doing with a process. Dominator will also load impulses, but the inbuilt cabinets are something else that's weird

  • @pipelineaudio Interesting. IRs are a highly accurate representation of a cab. IRs can be unwieldy but are not really missing much of anything... Most of the time systems add stuff like post-filters (hi/lo cut), proximity/room types of effect (but really thos are baked into the IR at the point where it was micced), and delay lines for stereo cabs. So if those IRs don't sound the same as the plug then the plug is doing something unrealistic unless it is one of these simple frequency/delay effects. At least as far as the cab is concerned. Unlike most other things IRs are a complete and accurate capture at the point of the mic. They are not missing anything unlike say a virtual tube/amp model may be.

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    Convolution is for linear processes (at least the type we use for cabinet emulation). These dominator cabs actually do some non-linear stuff