I thought it was the same app...

  • I'm using Jamup on both the iPhone and iPad. On the phone I have a set of amps and effects. When going to the iPad those things are gone even though I'm signed in to my account on both devices. Shouldn't data be the same between devices? I've restored purchases. Is my assumption not correct?

  • Moderator

    Hi there,

    Yes, JamUp is universal on both iPad and iPhone as long as you stick to just one app. (XT or Pro)

    We hope you can try this for us:

    1. Remove JamUp on your iPad
    2. Log out AppStore
    3. Restart your iPad
    4. Log in AppStore and install JamUp
    5. Go to the in-app store and tap on "Restore Purchase" once again

    If this still doesn't help, please do write us with this link. We'll get you more information there!