Are you getting the support you expect?

  • Is anyone else disappointed with support as of late? I like this company and want them to succeed but I can’t get a response for a really major issue. I had to get a new computer because my old one just couldn’t hack it anymore. I got a brand new iMac. I successfully uninstalled all of my Positive Grid software from my Mac Mini and attempted to reinstall onto the new iMac. Logic X tells me Bias is unavailable and when I attemp to open things as a standalone it “unexpectedly “ quits before it ever opens. The only thing that works is Bias FX and the Pro EQ but I can’t use any of my created amps or pedals though. Am I relegated to low priority since I haven’t upgraded to version 2 or is it because I only own 1 price of hardware, Bias distortion pedal, or is it because they’re under staffed? I hope no one else is having this issue but I’m really frustrated. I ended up finishing a project with AmpliTube 4 since I got no response and while it sounds ok, it’s not as good as it could’ve been with Bias. What’s been your experience lately?

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    It depends on the context. In the VST world as a company with a very small staff? No. In general, the extremely small companies including the single person companies, are generally able to give a level of support that most of the even slightly larger companies cannot, for many rational reasons, even come close to.

    In the VST world as a larger company? Yes, their support is actually pretty above average in that case.

    As a company doing iOS apps? Their support is miles and miles beyond what we expect there.

    All that said, yes, I'd love to see it easier to find answers to common issues, lists of known issues, and a lot of other things that people may or may not see as basics.

    Do I curse humanity, turn off my phone, get off of social media and hide in a cave the way I have to when waves releases an update when positive grid releases and update? Not in the slightest

  • @thadengle said in Are you getting the support you expect?:

    I ended up finishing a project with AmpliTube 4 since I got no response and while it sounds ok, it’s not as good as it could’ve been with Bias. What’s been your experience lately?

    That’s brutal. The kind of stuff that makes PG management smash things and get indigestion.

    Speaking of which. I’d love to hear from management from time to time.

    Even a short hello to the community.

    Something like this:

    “Hi, I’m Sean Halley, marketing director for PG. first and foremost I’d like to thank each and everyone who’s stood by PG through the growing pains all companies experience. I’d like to address some concerns
    List 1-10 here

    Now, I have some very exciting new for you, a sneak peek of our new flagship product, the Bias FX Floor, available April 25 2018

    Preordering is now available.

    alt text

  • @alderre Oh man, that would be an amazing bit of gear to see and it would seem that’s the way the market is headed. I want to be clear that I’m not trying to trash talk Positive Grid, I love the stuff they’re putting out and I totally get the whole growing pains thing but you’re right. A little bit of communication can go a long way. I hope for their sake and mine that I don’t get too comfortable going back to AmpliTube while I wait for some help.

  • TBH, I am pretty happy. I have filed numerous tickets with support ranging from feature requests to urgent licensing problems, and usually get some kind of satisfactory follow up. For licensing issues and stuff it has always been properly handled. For feature requests sometimes it's 'we'll investigate for a future release' and other times it happens in the next release.

    Have never really felt completely isolated from support and this community makes it even better because you can touch base with other users to make sure it is not some sort of 'pilot error' on my end.

  • @elric I’ve always gotten satisfactory result when I file a ticket as well. That’s why it feels like something else is going on this time. I got the stock response at first but then no follow up.

  • @thadengle Yeah, that's a concern. I have not had a new ticket lately but the first couple I did on Amp 2 had longer wait time which I assumed was because they had just pushed a huge product update. They are probably still furiously working on 2 for the head and iOS updates for the new DSP (cannot import new Bias FX presets that have Amp 2 amps in them on iOS anymore for example). So maybe that is it. Still , they should respond to a user who is stopped cold... maybe @Felix or @Joe-Kuo can escalate it in the system for you.

  • @elric I figured they were buried with all of the new stuff but it doesn’t feel very good to have no access to something I’ve spent so much money on. It makes it feel worse to think that I’m basically being ignored or a being a nuisance.

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    @thadengle It's Mike from PG support, we're really sorry that there was something wrong with our mail system so we did not see your ticket until now, we'll work on this as soon as we can, thank you for your understanding.

  • This is by far the best support I’ve ever had. Always quick to respond

  • @mike Thanks Mike. I appreciate the help and now I’m back up and running. I’m sorry you guys were having trouble with your mail.

  • @thadengle In an effort to at least possibly help as a community with your issue, what OS are you on, and what version of Logic? You also mentioned you're on Bias Amp 1, correct?

  • @danbieranowski That’s correct, I am on Bias 1 and I’m on the most current High Sierra OS. Basically I had to find all of the folders for Bias amp, fx, and pedal in documents and drag them out to my desktop. Now everything works just fine.

  • @thadengle Whoa that's strange. Maybe High Sierra applies different permissions to those folders...

  • @danbieranowski It would seem that’s me vs. technology. Tech never works as advertised once it reaches my hands. I’ll just chalk it up to ignorance on my part. Guess choosing this platform was a little risky for me huh?

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    Best support I ever came across - fast, polite and always helpful. Can't say any bad things about them :-)