Does anyone here speak fluent Japanese and know guitar parts?

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    I need to translate a few terms for an upcoming ukulele class, can anyone help me with this?

  • No, I can’t help but Google translate (wait don’t roll you’re eyes just yet) is quite effective.

    Just make sure you translate from English to Japanese and then BACK from Japanese into English and see if the translation makes sens. It may take a few tries... but once you get a clean translation from either starting language, you have something.

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    I was surprised by how good that is! My problem right now is for the more esoteric stuff, like the difference between what "bridge" translates to vs guitar bridge

  • To some extent you could use wikipedia: find an article about guitar bridges in English. Then check if the same article exists in Japanese.

  • Found this through a picture search in duckduckgo: Guitar image

    Or search for ukulele parts japanese in duckduckgo. Looked promising.

  • @john That's pretty clever. So find the article in english, switch to japanese, copy the section you think might be the right section... bring it into google translate and translate from japanese to english.