Installation problem: When installing update it says...another installation is in progress.

  • Then I can't continue the installation. This is for both BIAS FX and BIAS Amp 2 updates.

    I'm assuming I'm not supposed to delete the old versions because I would like to keep my saved amps and presets?

  • Are you on Windows? It sounds like what's happened to me a couple of times:
    The install file downoads to the temporary folder that Firefox (on my computer) is using at the moment. The download starts at once but quite invisibly so I have a tendency to click again. The effect is that it says another installation is in progress. Then I close Firefox, and, with my settings, Firefox deletes the temporary folder where the install file(s) is, and nothing works.
    Solution: click only once and either move the install file or leave your browser open.

    But you probably have an other setup, so this won't apply.