Positive Grid fix it !

  • This is very very bad idea to encrypt file cate.json. I have so many downloaded amps from tonecloud and i don't edit it how i want. I don't like this names F07AFD06-F511-11E7-8C3F-9A214CF0 . I want create my own groops with amps, control all what i do, but it imposible at this moment. Why you encrypt this? Fix cate.json

  • @abcdrecorpse that's not encryption; it's just a GUID (globally-unique identifier). It's an ID that represents an object without being dependent on that object's data. It's a fairly standard data organization mechanism, and what it means for the user is that you can have multiple presets with the same name, without their folders/data clashing with one another. Those files weren't intended to be manually edited, and I'd rather them be using sane programming techniques than prioritize manual editing, so eh....

    That said, it should theoretically be possible to write an app that can read those files and allow simple editing. Maybe I'll play with that idea at some point (probably not).

  • In the Mac on the terminal just cd into GlobalPresets folder and run

    egrep -i displayName */meta.json

    It'll spit out a bunch of stuff like:

    egrep -i displayName */meta.json
    0416B7EA-19C0-435C-8FDD-8328B4D31232/meta.json: "displayName" : "Hiway DR 103",
    05F9F5E9-38B5-4AC2-B178-C6C108615EEA/meta.json: "displayName" : "'93 Treadplate",
    06012975-4432-46E3-9943-60C2223C8261/meta.json: "displayName" : "'82 Lead 800",
    09507379-CA81-43B1-8C13-A163315B412F/meta.json: "displayName" : "British Lead 900",
    0A0F7310-ADAB-4E42-921E-A95FDCD479FA/meta.json: "displayName" : "Soldano",
    0C5C6EEF-C38C-4B24-9FFC-F2E0E3525569/meta.json: "displayName" : "GH-50",
    0E28CADB-D08C-4C37-9A19-819953F9A709/meta.json: "displayName" : "Positive Insane",

    There's also an editor on the app store called 'Ampl4'.

  • @ash-wolford If you go to Documents\Positive Grid\Bias_Amp2\GlobalPresets and open cate.json you will see what all data encrypted and you don't edit anything at this file. I want to see all data in this file.
    If you go to Program Files\Common Files\Positive Grid\Bias Amp 2\Resources\HTML\FactoryDefaultAmps and open cate.json you will see not encrypted data, but this files only content default amps. When you first time launch Bias Amp this folder FactoryDefaultAmps and file cate.json copy to Documents and this file will be encrypted. This will create problem to add amps from PC