New to Positive Grid. Need some direction on equipment.

  • I have just begun selling a great majority of my outboard gear and looking to buy positive grid and go completely this direction.

    My plan is to use my a Focusrite Scarlett 2PRE USB-C into my MacBook Pro (w/USB-C) and out to a either KRK Rokit speakers or JBL LSR studio monitors. Looking to run this setup Live direct from the Focusrite to the board (without the monitors of course) as my live setup. I will be using Acoustic, Electric, and Bass guitars so most likely I will be buying the expansion packs.

    Suggestions on studio monitors, brand, etc. Live setup sound like a good idea?

  • I enjoyed using the Peavey pvxp. I used the 12 but I bet the 10 or 15 is pretty good too. You can use them on the floor as a wedge, on a pole, or fly it. Pretty versatile.

  • I use the LSR305s and absolutely love them. I've always heard they were basically the best you could get at that price point. That said, they are studio monitors, and if you're going to be playing in a band with other loud musicians, studio monitors are not really the way to go. They can't quite push the same volume levels as stage gear, and you'll instead need to get a stage monitor or FRFR cabinet.

    I built a cheap and effective FRFR cab by replacing the speaker in a cheapo behringer monitor with a nice beta-12cx coax FRFR speaker combo. I use the powered BIAS Head, but if you're using a laptop then you'll need either an active monitor or a power amp to drive a passive cab.

    Of course, if you only play solo gigs at small venues, studio monitors combined with the venue's PA system should suffice, although to be honest there's no way in hell I'd take my nice 305s to the kinds of places we gig at. =x

  • @Ash-Wolford Thanks for the response. The studio monitors are just for home use. For live use it would be just the interface and the laptop into the board.

  • @thadengle thanks!