Noise/static/hum/crackles ONLY with downloaded ToneCloud presets

  • Using Bias Amp 2, all drivers up to date. Focusrite 2i2 interface with Ableton Live 10. Computer is custom built, 128 GB of DDR4 ram with i7 processor, all SSD memory.

    All of the presets that come with Bias Amp 2 sounds great, but when I download and use ANY ToneCloud preset, I get a nasty intermittent static/hissing/popping that comes in and out and makes the preset totally unusable. Thoughts on this? It is NOT latency as all other non-downloaded presets work fine!

  • I dunno. I can use many of them on my old-ish i5. Some recent dual-amp ones I can't, and I haven't explored to find whether it's an IR I don't have (an issue someone recently posted about), or my PC can't handle the signal chain.

  • Hi
    From settings, audio setting, change the "audio buffer size" to something like 480 or higher.
    That worked for me!

  • @ghazan280 the thread is two years old.

  • Actually, the thread is three years old. But ghazan280 solved my problem today. So, thanks for the necro.