Searching Auto Wah effects on Bias Pedal

  • I'm searching for some auto wah effects on the cloud of Bias Pedal, does someone here have builded somes?
    I don't even know if it is possible to make an auto wah effect on Bias Pedal.
    If yes can you can you please enter the name of the pedal so I can find on the cloud?

  • An auto wah is a filter that follows the input envelope. You could do this using the Bias FX plugin in a DAW with a MIDI automation controller tied to the input envelope and assigning the controller to the Bias FX Wah. Someone correct me if I am wrong but I don't think Bias Pedal allows envelope control of FX as an internal function.

    @Felix and @Joe-Kuo It would be a really cool feature if Bias Pedal could allow controllers internally:
    LFOs (square,triangle, sine), MIDI (i.e. pedal position tied to gain, time, mix), Envelope, etc. And then have those applied

    Also, I am not sure if could do this, but I would also like to limit the range of some of the inputs. Like for example on a delay setting the minimum and maximum values of the time knob. Many vintage delays have a very narrow range and the short sweep of the knob allows for a fine control and greater authenticity.

    Oh yeah, also, make a mix knob available to all the FX blocks. Some flangers, vibratos, etc, will overwhelm the signal without a mix control even though many vintage FX did not have these (it forces you to put it in a parallel loop).

    I honestly find that the Modulation and Delay modules in particular could benefit greatly from these types of updates. The distortion is pretty useful with the match feature and the compression, gain, voltage type settings but the time and frequency based effects need parameters and controllers that are specific to those and the current set of controls feels limited for the non-distortion FX.

  • A2

    There really aren't many options even in VST for something like a Boss T-Wah, there were many attempts, and a few that are decent, but a standalone VST has long been a product goal of mine, but it always gets pushed to the back of the line when some other disaster hits....Hopefully one day!

  • @pipelineaudio I am not familiar with the T-Wah so I don't know what makes it unique but you might like Kilohearts SnapHeap or Multipass or similar... their stuff is almost like a framework for building FX... you could easily build an Autowah with it using controls like I spoke about above.