this the best bias community??

  • Hey what are people using to load IRs?

    Im using bias amp mostly in Jamup or Tonestack since I cant use Bias FX on iphone. Lame af if you ask me. Give the iphone 7 has more power than some older ipads can run bias fx just fine.

  • @brian-dress Bias Pro on the desktop has a built in IR loader. That's typically what I use.

  • To answer your question "this the best bias community??"

    yes. It's all we got

  • so I dont have it on desktop so I have to use an IOS IR loader in the effects chain either as IAA in tonestack or AUM

  • @brian-dress If you have Bias Amp on the desktop you can import the IR directly into the amp model and transfer it to your iOS device, this is the cleanest way but most work intensive.

    Otherwise, Fiddlicator and Altispace are two really good IR apps.

    Not sure what your use case is but the newest iPad Air is a great deal and is an awesome mobile platform for Bias FX. Love it.

    Now that iOS supports the Files application and iCloud files, I would love to see direct IR loading in the Bias Amp app. Ideally, I could just select it from my iCloud drive which I have already setup and have all my IRs available on both my Macs on demand. This would be amazing on Mobile.

  • Yeah I cannot get altispace to work properly at all. It sounds awful. I feel I must be doing something wrong.

    Fiddlicator is ok but I get crakling from it. Not sure why. The iphone 7 has just as much power as an Ipad