6K Hiss when recording Distorted Guitars

  • Hi Guys,

    I have a Question:
    I am trying to record some demo's at home with my new Bias FX software. I've set up a decent standard tone with an EVHIII, OD in front of it and an Orange and/or Mesa cab with the SM57.
    However.. when I'm recording I'm getting a HUGE annoying frequency around 6k that is just horrible. I have to move the mic all the way to the edge of the virtual cab or notch the **** out of my track with an EQ to remove that earpiercing sound and make it possible to listen to, but that also kinda removes the presence from my tone.

    Am I doing something wrong here? I just can't seem to find a descend sweetspot that will not make my ears bleed OR make my tone sound very dull because of the EQ notch.

    I'm using an Ibanez RGD through a focusrite 2I2 and a high end laptop (with bias offcourse.. recording in Reaper).
    I'm also using Rokits G3 RP5

    I hope you guys can help me


  • Post a recording.

  • I´ve had the same problem as well but you can use the built in eq to drop the 6k frequency. But mostly im using the R121 mic in combination to sm57 and it helps most of the time.

  • @bas-trouw got the same problem, I also get very low gain though and a lot of white noise. Still waiting for a solution

  • @Tannhauser Here you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vagakgusjpc1qmy/6K hiss.mp3?dl=0
    Some regular chords with the hiss clearly audible IMO
    Nothing fancy going on here.. No EQ and just Bias with a 5150head/orange cab, a gate and a screamer in front of it.

    Hope you can help man

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