Delay Notice: BIAS AMP 2 for BIAS Rack/Head(Update/May/21/2018)

  • Actually now it's about time for the promised statement :)

  • Actually now it's about time for a completely empty Download-Page :)
    Can someone verify this?

  • @sascha-ballweg confirmed. is empty!

  • Works again but unfortunately no new BIAS Amp 2 "ready for hardware"-version

  • I check this page twice a day. When I see there is a new post I get all excited... then, awww. No news yet. I remain optimistic, but impatient.

  • I feel the same way I impulsively check this forum multiple times a day and the support page hoping for “some” sort of info... I get excited when it’s updated that day but read it and it’s nothing but what was there before... I feel much like everyone else... a $1200 unit that should of been taken care of before or ahead of new equipment.. I mean it’s nice to have new stuff and all but when it’s a heavy duty piece like an Amp Head that really should of been taken care of before a release of new software instead of isolating certain customers... I’d take less equipment cough pedals and more end user care...

  • April is over now... jus' sayin'.

  • honestly just want a realistic date. It's getting a bit tiresome waiting and waiting, getting told a 'by the end of this month' only for the month to end with no communication. If it's looking like it'll be May just say that, if it looks like June say that, if it's technical issues just tell us. The whole 'it's coming soon ;)' is just not cutting it now, and from the looks of other comments I don't think I'm the only one thinking this way...

  • I am a professional project manager and work on delivering technology solutions . One thing I've learned over the years is that communicating with your clients goes a long way to gaining trust, even if the news is not so good. Timelines do slip, it happens for a number of reasons. ETA's are just that, "estimates", if they are provided in earnest that also goes a long way. I feel you folks that have already made the investment in the rack and head, I have not purchased yet but am waiting on the release of V2 for the head.

  • I am sure we have all had to deal with this from more than one vendor before but I don't think they know how bad this affects their customer base. For me time lines are kind of damned if you do damned if you don't but total silence on the matter is not good ether what really gets me is that their decision to get the mini working first before their base unit they already have out in the field this did not sit well with me. I am wondering if there hardware problem or software I just got the rack processor unit because i liked the concept. I think we all agree that this unit should support more that just one software version.
    I may just go back to my boogie stuff until this get all sorted out very frustrating.

  • it's a pretty common mistake for companies attempting to foster a social presence for the first time to fail at communicating effectively. we've seen this pattern time and time again. we can only hope they'll realize this sooner rather than later -- right now is just a particularly bad time for them to be dropping the ball though.

  • Hi to all Bias Amp/Rack owners,

    I've been patiently waiting for any update information and seem to be getting nothing....

    But in the good old land Down Under I've received a response!!!

    Hope this helps with everyone's queries!


  • so whoever joked about 'ETA of an ETA' was pretty much spot-on... disappointing that it took someone prodding the social media folks in another country to even get that much.

  • @trikitunes Thanks for posting the reply! At least someone (if not positive grid) can give some sort of ETA :laughing: . I have to say I'm more inclined to believe it when I see it at this point though!

  • That person in Australia has the balls to confirm something big as this. Let's hope May 15th doesn't disappoint!

  • @Felix Maybe it's time to give us a real date now? Or at least tell us what is going on?

  • MAy 15th? yeah whatever...:confused:

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    @johan-enbom Yes, the new firmware version for BIAS Head/Rack has been delayed to mid of May. :man_facepalming_tone3:

  • Hi,I'm a bias head user,how do I apply bias amp 2?

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    @randy_john5 Please let me know the serial#(bar code) of your device and write to us here: