Multiple MIDI PC# signal for single amp presets

  • Bradley Smee
    Bias Head, Bias Amp

    I hope this makes sense, but it'd be very helpful to allocate multiple MIDI PC# signals to single amp presets in BIAS. In most big multi effects processors (POD HD, Boss GT-100), patches are controlled by hard-coded/fixed PC# signals.

    For example, the POD HD500 presets 1A to 1D are selected with internal PC# 0-3, respectively, presets 2A-2D with PC# 4-7, etc., regardless of what you set the PC# in the controller section in the line 6 edit program.

    If I could set multiple MIDI PC# in BIAS Amp to a single amp, in every preset, I could recall the same amp.

    For example, if I could set my 5150 to PC# 0, 4, 8, 12, 16, etc., every "A" channel in a bank would recall the same 5150 sim.

    In theory, I could manually copy the amp to clean 1 (0), clean 5 (4), glassy 4 (8), blues 3 (12), crunch 2 (16), metal 1 (20), and metal 5 (24), however, in a setlist greater than 5 songs, this isn't a viable option.

    Thanks for giving this a read.

    (Sorry for re-post, I forgot the required info last time)