How to record guitar correctly on Logic with Bias Amp 2

  • Hi, the way I record guitar on Logic is:
    Create a new guitar track - Turn off all the Logic guitar plug-ins - Turn on Bias Amp 2 and choose "Stereo".
    I am not sure if this is the right way or professional way to record guitar since I heard electric guitar need to be recorded in "Mono" instead of "Stereo".

    The other way I try to record the guitar is:
    Create a new guitar track - Setting - Reset channel Strip - Audio FX - Turn on Bias Amp 2 and choose "Mono". But the guitar signal doesn't go through the plug-in, so the sound is without the plug-in.

    Plz let me know what is the right way to record guitar correctly on Logic with 3rd party plug-ins.


  • @jackroy-lee

    Here's a quick picture tutorial on how I setup and use Bias Amp 2 in Logic Pro X. If anything is hard to understand, please excuse me as I literally made this from scratch...

    Here's how I setup my mono rhythm tracks which I later stack and pan L+ R





    Here's how I set up my stereo lead tracks:


    Saving channel strips as a guitar rig preset:


    And lastly, here is another way to create a stereo track (if) your interface outputs a guitar signal to both inputs 1&2. Probably won't work for most guitar interfaces but if someone knows a trick to get this to work, let me know.



  • @anthony-newcomb
    Thanks so much for the detailed replied.

    I have followed your step till the 4th picture, even I turn on the BIAS plug-in, but the guitar sound is still the same without any plug-in, could you tell me how to solve this problem?


  • @anthony-newcomb

    I just solve the problem, after I turn on the Input monitoring, everything is good now, lol

    By the way, so you mean for rhythm guitar, you suggest to choose "mono", but for lead guitar, you suggest "mono to stereo" is better?

    Thanks again!

  • @jackroy-lee I figured you were already familiar with the input monitoring so I didn't mention it...sorry about that. When creating an audio track, you can always "check" the input monitoring box at that point so it will always turn on automatically.

    When it comes to rock style Rhythm guitar (which I don't directly use stereo effects on), I usually record 2 mono tracks which are the same riff played the same (except for the occasional change in notes for harmony reasons). After they have been recorded, I usually pan one track to the right +45-50 and the other -45-50 to the left. When they play back panned like that, it really gives you that big wide rhythm sound like heard on countless albums. Sometimes I'll go further with the pan and sometimes I'll even add a third track which doesn't get panned and just sits in the middle. ((Technically you can still record and pan your rhythm tracks if you record them each on a stereo track, so it will come down to personal preference.)) for me, I only use stereo tracks for when I plan on using stereo effects...and keep in mind that this is really just my preference for recording guitar.

    It's "crucial" that you actually record the different rhythm tracks individually (so don't copy and past the first track's recording into the second track as the rhythm widening technique won't work). You are going to have to record the riff twice.

    As far as using stereo for my leads, I don't really ever pan my leads like I do my rhythm tracks. I also use stereo effects on my leads and stereo imaging enhancement plugins in some instances. The leads are also usually one track.

    If you (don't) intend on using stereo effects/plugins on your lead tracks, mono should be fine. I just use stereo for my leads so I can enhance the stereo imaging.

  • @anthony-newcomb

    Again, thanks so much for the help, appreciated!!! Cheers!!!

  • @anthony-newcomb awesome tutorial!. Looking forward to some direct-less tone!

  • Note that there is still no fix for the lack of automation parameters so you cannot use Logic's automation on AMP2. You could on AMP1, but for some reason AMP2 still does not have a fix for this.

    This means that you cannot automate gain for example forcing you to use the channel fader automation for volume control. This, of course, does not result in what you wanted in the first place.

    I hope Positive Grid fixes this soon. Never seen a plugin without parameters btw...

  • @djogon Yeah, I think they acknowledged this as a bug rather than as a conscious omission. Hopefully they will get it fixed soon!