Bass sounds with Electric Guitar

  • Can you use an electric guitar to get bass sounds? I'm just starting with Bias FX and using Reaper to record, I don't own a bass but want to record it - any ideas?

  • hello
    i use jam origin midi guitar 2 and ample bass lite for bass sounds using a guitar , you get demo versions from their respective websites

    midi guitar 2 also lets you play any VST instrument like pianos , strings, synths etc with a standard guitar , no special pickups or cables needed , could be what you are looking for
    cheers and all the best !!

  • Basses and guitars use different build techniques to achieve their tones (scale length, string gauge, pickups, etc), so there's not really an easy way to get a bass tone out of a guitar. You could try an octave down pedal, but it will cause a lot of artifacts and won't sound right. Ultimately, you'll either want to buy a bass (you can find low end stuff used for under $100 usually), or use a MIDI bass plugin like IK Multimedia MODO Bass to build your bass sounds.

  • … or you record the guitar tone and transpose it -12, f.e. in Cubase.
    With some Compression and one of the Bass-Amps from BIAS Amp this works pretty well for musical-notes.

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