ToneCloud presets are nothing but static and hissing

  • Hello everyone i am new to this BiasFx thing and purchased the 180 dollar BiasFx pro version, whenever i go into the tonecloud to download something it lets me download it but when i click on it to use it and see what it sounds like it is just nothing but background noise, static and hiss, i cant even play on it, it wont even pick up the guitar signal, i am using a focusrite 212 with a set of Astro a40's (gaming headset i had laying around) dont have the money for monitors. A prime example of the one i want to use, it has over 15 thousand downloads, it is the duality evh 5150 made by Mikko Kaukoranta. Can someone please explain to me what is going on and why it is doing this, i have tried ten or twelve different presets from the tone cloud and i have only gotten 2 to actually give me a output besides static, noise and hissing.

  • It seems like a problem setting your audio interface. I would check that firt of all.

  • Sounds like audio setting issue, please click "Contact Support" and we'll follow up