Bias FX and JBL 305 Studio Monitors - Distortion

  • @ash-wolford

    I am sure this is not proper, but at least consistent. I have the device sitting in front of me on a small table, with the mic pointed between the 2 speakers. It is not at my ear level. However, it is the way I am measuring the several different sources:

    Electric guitar: 80-81db, then distortion kicks in

    Acoustic/electric guitar: 92-94db, and even then didn't hear the distortion as with the electric, and this was pretty much as loud as I can go without hurting my ears!

    MP3 via iTunes: no distortion, had it up to 100db with all devices at full volume (interface, iTunes, speakers)

    Thanks, John

  • @elric

    No, the noise level doesn't change when touching the metal/jack.

  • So I gave up on the JBL LSR305 studio monitors. I don't necessarily believe that they were faulty a I had the same issues using my son's LSR308s. I just think I wanted more volume than they can bear (for guitar, as they sounded great with MP3 playback). Anyhow, I grabbed an Alto TS210 and all is good in the world. I can crank them to my heart's content and they sound amazing. I only have 1 so far, so will likely add a 2nd soon to get a stereo soundstage. Thanks again for all of the help.

  • All's well that ends well. :smile: Must've been either clipping the output of the amp or forcing the speaker to distort at the edge of its output capacity.

  • @elric : yeah, a guitar cab sound is far more transient than a processed track sound.

  • A2

    Please see if you can come up with better ideas for cleaning up the Alto-TS210 setup than I did...especially for mounting the ipad and sticking the direct box inside.