BIAS2 and 2I2 2nd gen configuration

  • Hi guys,

    So I have a gibson SG 2018 HP and a 2i2 2nd gen audio interface and I recently bought the BIAS2, but for some reason, but the sound is just too digitized, too thin.
    I'm probably doing something wrong, So here I am asking for your help.

    Please advise what is the best configuration of the audio interface so I could get the most out of BIAS2.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @maor-grinberg1 Just out of curiosity, have you tried PG's official 100 Amp Match presets on the user cloud yet? They are available to Pro and Elite owners. I find these presets to sound fuller/bigger and overall better sounding than a lot of the stock presets

    I'm using a Gibson LP and a couple Music Man guitars with BA2 and they sound anything but digital or thin. I'm on a Mac using a Zoom Tac-2 thunderbolt interface

  • A2


    I use a scarlett 2i4 2nd gen

    Make sure your input and output levels are properly set on your audio interface and in Bias amp as well

    On the scarlett I set the input 1 gain knob High enough (usually at noon) to make it light a stable and full green color...

    Try to set the input gain at clip level (red led color) and then turn it down until it lights up green 99% of the time playing harder

    Follow the same guidelines for input and output meters in bias amp

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