Integration for plugin versions

  • At the moment when using the plugin versions of Bias products in Logic/Cubase etc, we have a choice of FX, AMP, and Pedal.

    Unfortunately you can't have a stereo amp setup in Bias FX, then hop into AMP to tweak the amps like you can with the ipad version.

    Nor can you hop into Bias Pedal to tweak settings. The problem is that you can't tweak an amp while listening to the effect it has in Bias FX. It's either one or the other.

    This is really bad,. Almost every other amp modeller has one package with add ons which can be in app purchases.

    I hope that in future PG will amalgamate all the plugins into one plugin.

    At the moment I'm having to use bias fx, then having to take a complete guess as to how my amp and pedal tweaks will effect my tones.......