Anyone using a BIAS amp or rack as their main live rig?

  • I know PosGrid likes to show lots of signed artists using it, but I highly doubt Marc Rizzo (from Soulfly) runs it as his main rig on stage. I'm interested, but am finding gaps between the control I have now with my live rig, and this being more of a studio piece of gear. (which is fine)

  • I know Comeback Kid was using the Bias Head on this latest tour. I also use it as my main rig for my band.

  • And how it for the live rig ?

    Seen demos of it and sounds decent but a little bit more presence than other units, but then again tweak a little and i am sure it will sound very good.

    Also, can you have 2 separate or individual amps with effects on different outputs ?

    I am looking into getting one myself, so would like to know how versatile it really is, and since I like to use IR, which is an important feature as well.



  • @mike_studio DITTO! I need two power amps to control volume to separate cabinets live ... can you set the outputs of the L/R 1/4' to both kick out the same mono output to separate power amps (or a dual channel amp), or it is a true stereo L/R signal out each respectively ... if so - show stopper for me. Also worried about the multiple posts on lag and latency. Its gotta be immediate with any MIDI pedal and then adding in an FX processor live ... sounds like more work than the flexibility in distortion/tone provides ...

  • @Drew-Peterson - Yeah would like 2 separate streams on separate outputs. Each output has it's own independent amp and cab sim with separate IRs. I know line 6 Helix boasts about independent outputs with it's own chain, meaning 2 amp sims running at same time.

    Was looking at other units, and there seems to be certain limits, unless you get into the Helix and AXE FX II, which I am not interested in.

    I am waiting though on the Fractal Load box which is supposed to compete with the Two Notes products, which I am also interested in.

    The toss up is Two Note Studio which you can connect almost any amp or pre-amp, and will certain improve live and studio quality.
    The Bias Preamp which seems to have a nice configuration but no effects and not sure on live latency issues, which I am sure would be fine since Bias boasts ZERO latency.

    It is unclear on all the information I can find on the Bias Preamp that it does have 2 individual streams going to 2 different locations, onstage amp and straight to PA.

    Which comes to my next question, how does it sound direct to PA, since most vids I have seen on it, most are micing the cab, not sure if that is for the demo or the route one needs to take.



  • @drew-peterson @Mike_Studio
    I love it, but I use the built in amplifier for powering my cab(s). There is only a single output to cab, but if you daisy chain cabs it’ll be a mono signal into both.
    As for separate amps out of each side, you can only load up a single amp, so it would be the same out of each side.
    What you can do is use the cab sim out of the line out, but not on the “speaker out”, so you can have stage volume through your cab, but DI into the PA with the cab sim on through your line out.

    Not sure if that helps or not. Lol.

  • Yeah that is also good to know, because if you use a live amp and cab on stage you really do not want any cab sim on there. So I guess the signal chain can be broken up and that is good to know if you use a real amp on stage and want to go direct into PA with cab sims.

    That is a good option as well, but would be nice to have more options, like two separate lines with cabs sims and one line no cabs sims on for your live amp on stage.

    This would also be nice for recording since you can blend 2 separate amps together.

    @danbieranowski : So I assume you have either the powered rack version or the powered head unit ? Have not check how many outputs on the powered units, but seems like the preamp rack versions have 4 outputs I believe and a speaker out, so not sure the head is the same ?

    Going to go an



  • @mike_studio My Rocktron Prophesy 2 allows me to run two mono outputs with the same thing on each. I run that to my Mesa stereo 100+100 and then into a full stack. With the separate volumes on my amp, I have control over bottom cab for mic'ing and use my top cab as a monitor. Sounds like this ISNT possible with BIAS. I'm also worried about all the Latency threads here !

  • @Drew-Peterson Yes the Rocktron and many others have multiple outputs, but really it is the same chain, and cannot load 2 separate chains at 1 time, thus making it always the same output to multiple destinations.

    I would like to see like the Helix and Axe Fx do, 2 totally separate independent outputs with different amp models on each channel and also a defeat on any of the outputs so no cab sims are turned on, so you can plug in your tube amp or what have you.

    Trying to get away from micing a cab but at the same time have my combo amp or stack on stage but processed signal to the PA board. Sometimes it is not possible to have a loud stage volume and many have just stopped using onstage amps and went with either AXE FX or a Kemper direct into the board and with in ear monitors.

    The flexibility at a lower cost will be the deciding factor, and looks like Bias is almost there, but again no effects with the units is something they need to work on, but not a deal breaker.



  • @mike_studio I use the powered head unit. It has an internal 600watt solid state amp. The extra headroom really keeps things tight and clean, instead of the saggy feel I get from other solid state heads with less headroom.

    It has 3 outputs. 1 to cab, and two line outs. Like I said, you can use all in tandem using the mode on the head that allows for that. Meaning the same amplifier signal is going to the speaker out, as well as Line 1 (L) and Line 2 (R). That mode allows the cab sim to be turned off for the speaker out, but turned on for the line outs.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that you can send separate amps to separate channels on the head though. It is designed to load up a single amplifier design at a time, and there would be no way to tell the front of the head which amp to assign its control parameters to.

  • @danbieranowski I need 2 cab outs - but good that it can send the same signal over all. (what I want) I dont expect diff amps for each output, but need 2 cab mono outs or 2 amp mono outs (on the non powered version) going to a stereo/2-channel head. Then getting FX worked in is the other equation .... the new "add" of Reverb is nice, but seems weird if you can add verb why not add other FX and make it a complete unit (ala AxeFX or Prophesy2)?

  • I would like to have 2 separate signals and then blend together as needed. This will come in handy for recording as well, and more flexible for live situations instead of depending on just one type of amp.

    Not sure why they did not incorporate the FX chain since they originally produced the recording interface with some nice effects.

    If they could incorporate the FXs, separate the output signals to have different outputs (different amp models), it would be more flexible and if they could keep the price as it is, I am sure they will sell many more units.

    The only time you get that type of flexibility is getting up over the 2k range, and that is getting ridiculous. Yes you have so many amps, but really how many are going to use even in a great cover band working all the time.

    You have your favourites which will be less than ten for many, and you spent all that cash to only use 1/4 of any of those multi effects units.

    Yeah fun to play around with them for sure, but after awhile it drives me crazy and i just want to play music with my favorite amps i have tweaked which are like a hand full.

    The Preamp rack has almost all I need except for the separate outs, and prefer not buying an AXE, Kemper, Line 6 because of the potential of the Positive Grid stuff.



  • The reasoning is, no cabs on one signal to give the option of using a tube amp, and cabs sims on the other channel to go straight to the board so one does not have mic up a cab.

    Or as mentioned, have 2 separate signals going into a live board or into a recording software where you can blend the two.

    Is that to much to ask for ?... LOL



  • A2

    Thats the issue I have with ALL the iOS apps as well, there are workarounds, sort of

  • @drew-peterson One thing that might work for you is daisy chaining cabs in series. Not sure if you want to go that route or not.

  • I really just want the option to have no cab sims on one channel, so I can have a live amp on stage, and the other channel emulated to go to FOH so no need to mic the cab and have stage volume much lower.

    Also, the option to have 2 different IR on separate channels would be nice, this way you can blend it live and or record that way.

    The lack of effects should be rectified, no reason why there should be no effects and a display screen.

    It defiantly needs a few more tweaks, but not sure if that is where BIAS is wanting to go with their product at this time, to go head to head with other digital emulators.

    Wait and see I guess...



  • @mike_studio Yeah I'd love to have Bias FX with my head, but they just gave us reverb, so that's cool and unexpected.

    At least I can definitely say that you can send a signal with a cab sim out the line out, while sending a non-cab-sim signal to your cab on stage for sure. The head is capable of that out of the box.

  • @danbieranowski : Yeah I was reading more on it, and it seems like you can do that, which is perfect for what I need.

    Would be nice to have a display screen, but not sure if really needed cause the software with it looks awesome and very tweak able

    It is certainly up there for my next purchase, was considering a Kemper or other emulator since I already have an Eleven Rack and use IRs with it sounds great.

    So the Bias Rack has all of that and nice software that has been tried and tested for some time now, so add the effects and should sell even more units.

    Thanks for the input @danbieranowski , good info.



  • @mike_studio No worries. If you have any questions about it moving forward, feel free to ask. I know both myself, and @Liam own the Head. Not sure who else has it that posts regularly.

  • I want to buy a BIAS preamp so bad, I already eliminated all the other gear off my list, like Kemper, AXE FX and a few others because of the things BIAS is capable of doing for a lower cost and great features.

    I am in the market for the BIAS Preamp and a TWO Notes Torpedo Live to have the best of both worlds at a decent cost with lots of flexibility. Only have enough money for 1 preamp right now, so hard to decide...LOL

    The Yamaha THR Head looks pretty interesting and has gotten great reviews already, but for what you get with BIAS (minus the effects for now) I think it is a well worthy product.

    If BIAS can keep the price down and add the effects with a few minor tweaks and updates all the time, it is a real winner.