To: Sean Halley From: a nobody

  • I wish you the best at PG. Please push those guys and give the world the Floor unit it needs.

  • I'll make sure Sean reads it lol

  • With highest respect for Sean Halley (which is one of my all-time-favorite guitar players) I am pretty sure he is not involved in RD. He is the guy who plays guitar for marketing reasons, same as he was at other companies before ;)

  • @sascha-ballweg Well I would'n think he would take the job at PG unless his input was highly valued. Are you saying he will just peddle whatever PG puts out?

    I seriously hope not. No, the way I picture it, Sean gets to park his car (a Prius maybe) close to the building. Goes into the office and says hi to the receptionist without making too much eye contact.

    Proceeds to go to his office and looks at his email and immediately gets a headache as he realizes what a mess he has to deal with (Bias FX, Jamup, Bias, Pro editions, basic editions, X drummer, Bias Head, Bt pedals.

    The RD guys just keep emailing him more and more freaking ideas. They also send him unfinished units of pedals to review.

    It is at this point, where most folks would quit and go work for a bigger company and just chill.

    But Sean just clicks "delete All" from his email and calls a meeting.

    He tells everyone (above and below him) to just focus on getting Bias (amp and FX) into a floor unit. Sean leaves to go shopping for black turtle necks and blue jeans for inspiration.

    Finally, Before my birthday next year, Sean reveals the PG Bias Floor for $999

    Next year, The U.S. Census Bureau releases statistics with the most popular Baby names in the U.S.

    Boy Names:

    1. Aiden
    2. Sean
    3. Aidan

    Girl Names:

    1. Emma
    2. Sophia
    3. Halley

  • :laughing:

  • What a lively imagination you have.

  • I dont know that Sean reads these posts. But I think he does...

    So, in the spirit of progress, I'd like to say:

    Hello Mr. Halley,

    There was a freaking roadster launched into space recently.
    alt text

    I just want a Bias FX pedalboard.

  • @alderre LOL

  • @alderre I'm sorry to see Sean go, but I'm very happy and excited he landed here. Line 6's loss is PG's gain. So welcome Sean! As far as floor units go, I am with you. I've been begging, whining, and (you know) just generally nagging and being a pain in the ass about PG developing what I call Bias FX Floor, for a long time now. Please for the love of God (or not), just go on and build this thing Positive Grid; they will come. You can even use my name for the unit. There's no quid pro quo here guys. I would kill to get one. I have all PG's iOS apps and as you guys know, they're phenomenal. But getting Bias FX in a road-worthy floor unit, that packs features, like syncing with iOS, desktop, and/or cloud to download tones; built-in expression pedal; ability to build your signal chain with or without (stand alone) an iOS device; amp matching capability; and (very important) ZERO latency, would be well...let's face it; worth its weight in gold and an off the chain, amazing, super spectacular dream come true for us working players. Sean, this is what we've been waiting for. If you're reading this, you know what to do. Thanks!

  • I just realized that image might remind of Heavy Metal. That was probably Elon's inspiration.

    As for a floor unit.....curious you ask about that.....I just saw a recent Ola vid of a fantastic looking unit.

  • @tannhauser what? Fantastic?

  • @tannhauser I see you just posted on YouTube. I get it now

  • Sorry to revive old thread. Someone has to do it