Bias FX and Bias Amp wishlist

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    Bias Fx

    • Be able to run two delay pedals in parallel in order to set 2 different times and do some rhythmic stuff =) (like 1/8d + 1/8)
      At the moment I do this when I use two amp in parallel. I put each delay pedal right after each amp, but in this way all the other modulation pedals have to be placed after in the chain with no really satisfying results :\

    Bias Amp

    • add new mics (Like R-121, U87, e609, md421
    • add the possibility to use 2 mics at the same time (like amplitube does)
    • would be also cool be able to use and select some mic preamp simulator (like Neve 1073 or Api 512c) but I see that this may be too forward :D

    Have you guys have your own whishlist as well? let me know =)


  • In the desktop section, yeah.

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    isn't this the general-mobile section?

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