Bias Fx - Feedback issue

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    I've just bought Bias FX and Bias Amp for iPad and I think they sound pretty good at the point that I would use them live buying the remote controller as well.
    There's just a real annoying issue that I'm having with Bias FX: feedback; A LOT of feedback which makes this app pretty unusable.

    I route my signal in this way:
    Guitar -> Cable -> iRig2 -> iPad (pro) and headphones

    I've found that this issue comes forward only when I enable the app to access to the ipad's mic (which obviously the only way I can prorperly use this app) and there's something plugged in (any headphones, iRig, Guitar).
    Once I Plug iRig2 into the ipad, the ipad's mic itself is disabled taking the input signal only from iRig.

    The feedback comes forward from the most of the factory presets as well, regardless the gain/master settings on the amp or if the amp sound is Clean or High Gain.
    Seems like some pedals, somehow induct the patch to feedback

    If I set volume lower form the output section in the app or form the ipad, sometimes feedback stops, but often I have to set the volume too low and then I can't ear anymore.
    Of course in a Live setting I can't look after the volume of each patch all the time you know..

    Somebody has or had the same experience?

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    This may suck to hear, but, the devices using the analog port (like the iRig2) have severe, extreme crosstalk between the input and output.

    There is a phase trick that can help, which Amplitube and Tonestack have as an option. BIAS FX settings have a stereo mode on off switch which may do the same thing, but I'm not sure.

    Because of the nature of this connection, the crosstalk between out and in is more than enough to cause serious feedback on any decently high gain setting.

    I started this journey with the iRig 2 as well and have moved through and tested several different interfaces. One solution is to move on to a lightning interface with the analog to digital conversion being handled on the interface itself.

    There's a bit about this here:

    and here:

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    good (bad) to know..
    I've tried to switch off the stereo mode but it doesn't do the trick.
    Thanks a lot for you reply, I've read what you linked and that was very helpful.
    I think I'll go for the focusrite itrack doc since it's hard to find sonoma products here..

    I know it's a little off topic, but have you had the chance to give a look to the bt4 remote controller? Does it work fine?

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    So far, I've only run the iRig Blueboard, which works well enough. I should be getting a BT-4 soon, it looks a lot more reliable. The BT-4 actually has a metal nut holding the expression pedal jack onto the chasis. The Blueboards' are plastic and floating with no nut and one of them seems to have gotten intermittently finnicky on me

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    The SOS link is great in that it really explains the nature of this, and in an application with probably 10 to 100 times the distances we're talking about in the iThing analog port. Its a marvel and miracle of technology that the analog port can work at all, pretty amazing! But even amazing has its limits.

  • @salvatore-di-piazza I'm having the same issues and I have my Focusrite 2I2. Is it some sort of driver related issue?