Anyway to link Bias head to Macbook via bluetooth?

  • Just the title really. Having a blast so far with my bias head (finally got one!), and it connects fine with the usb, however just so I don't need to keep plugging in to change something, can you link the head to the bias amp software via bluetooth?

    Thanks :)

  • You got the head! Awesome!

    Are you trying to listen to your Bias Head through your computer setup?

  • @danbieranowski no, just use the functionality of changing out amps and stuff without having to plug it in via USB.

    It's really not a big thing, more of a quality of life thing since my laptop has Bluetooth.

    Thanks for the help with the questions on the amp too, been blown away by the sounds coming out of this thing especially so on the amp match tones!

  • Ah no worries man. But yeah, as of now there is no way to control the head over computer-based Bluetooth that I know of. @Felix do you know if this is planned at all?

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    No, it's not possible to control the head via any computer-based Bluetooth cause there's no computer-based protocol on the device. Are you guys think this is a must-have feature?

  • @felix I wouldn't say it's absolutely must have for me, but definitely would be nice to be able to sit on the couch and swap out a few presets without having to take the laptop over :laughing: .

    I guess for the guys that have a desktop computer that has bluetooth rather than a laptop this would be more ideal as I imagine they need to move the amp each time to change presets.

    Otherwise I suppose an app for android that can just change presets/ allow you to access tone cloud. I saw the vid where it was mentioned that android can't have the full bias amp app so just a remote would be really nice :)

  • @felix said in Anyway to link Bias head to Macbook via bluetooth?:

    Are you guys think this is a must-have feature?

    Definitely, especially as long as only iOS is supported