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  • If Positive Grid produced a floor unit embodying the modeling, effects, and flexibility of Bias FX/JamUp Pro, I would buy it. Great added features would be the ability to load your custom presets from mobile or desktop into the floor unit and an expression pedal for volume and/or wah or other expression FX. As an aside, I'm not a fan of menus for the UI. However, L6 has proven with their flagship modeler that menus can be intuitive and fast in terms of building the signal chain. My point is that if PG marketed a floor unit, it wouldn't have to be a touch screen. Menus wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. What I want is the modeling and multiFX engine in a road-worthy chassis. That's the meat and potatoes of this thang. My 2 cents. Thanks!

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    toes of this thang. My 2 cent

    In a small package like the Mooer GE200 or a mashup of hardware like headrush and helix

    alt text
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    Dude!!! How would you like to do some GUI's?

  • @pipelineaudio

    My sarcasm detector isn't working. So I'm just going to say: thank you?

  • Hoping, and wishing

  • @alderre : pipelineaudio was sincere. Did you get back to him on that?

  • If you have a spare iPad and $300 this would get you really close:

    The new Air is only, like $300 and change so you could get a setup for like $650 or so if it works well. Sounds like it generates MIDI.

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    Sonoma Wire Work's version has ASIO drivers as well

  • @tannhauser Ha! I thought he was making fun of my crummy work.

    No I never got back to him. If anybody needs anything just let me know... I have time

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    I'm always making something or another, and unless the particular company has its own GUI guy (and often even if they do) the GUI's end up stinking, and people who might have otherwise used the product just don't get the initial fall in love phase

  • @pipelineaudio a nice gui for a LED loaded pedal board with an on board VST Mini PC would be so tits.

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    For my one cable setup thing, when I replace an ipad with a windows PC, I was looking at those minicomputers, but I wasn't sure if there was some sort of mini monitor to use with it. I know I could VNC in from my phone, but for the tuner it would be nice to have a little screen

  • Dear PG.

    Have tax money.
    Need bias fx hardware.
    Any hardware.
    May blow this money on inferior alternative.

    Please take my money.

    Just sell me something.

    I, along with others, will happily throw money your way.

    Hole in pocket is getting too big.

    Please advice.

  • @alderre While a floor FX unit from PG would be cool. There are a BUNCH of super high quality units to pick from already. In fact the floor MFX area is almost glutted I would say.

    Constantly moaning about it here doesn't do much, I just read two separate posts from you back to back about this. It's not like they don't know there is at least some interest and good hardware does not just pop out of thin air they have not even had time to update their existing amp to version '2'.

    Your choices are:
    Buy a different unit.
    Make your own Bias FX rig (shouldn't be too hard with an iPad and something like the iRig Stomp I/O).
    Wait and hope.

  • @elric while I appreciate your advice, I don’t think my posts and/photoshop “contributions” affect the PG community. In fact, having a forum where no one posts is a bit depressing.

    Also, an active forum will return more relevant results for folks that may not be familiar with PG when the google similar products.

    Look at forums like the gear page, and you’ll see that PG is not really even a footnote in their modeling section.

    My point, if somehow missed, is that PG needs tons of social media presence, and they are waaaay behind the other guys. I want PG to succeed.

    My idiotic posts are better than a notice saying “no new threads in the past 72 hours

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    Forget the floor, I want a combo amp with it, with auto engage for the wah, a real harmonizer and seamless switching between presets!

  • @alderre said in Bias Floor:

    Look at forums like the gear page, and you’ll see that PG is not really even a footnote in their modeling section.

    Given the glut of guitar forums, I anticipated a PG forum might not become a social arena for the product, though the lack of PG fervor in those other places is a little bizarre. Apparently most users get their fix from socmed and youtube.

  • @tannhauser I can5 even remember how I heard of PG first. All I remember is that I was about to pull the trigger on amplitube and me across a forum post, not a review or a Facebook post.

    I really hope this forum grows exponentially