IR Loader and tonecloud

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    Can amps made in BIAS Amp Desktop using the IR loader make amps for BIAS FX that can then be shared on Tonecloud? I can use a third party IR loader on the iPad version of BIAS FX, but I would way way way rather have that all tweaked on the desktop where I can do easier testing and control.

  • Yes. Save as custom amp via ToneCloud. Import into Bias Amp via Tone Cloud and then send to Bias FX preset.

    Another way to go is, if you have also have Bias FX on the desktop you can just create the entire preset on desktop and then just load the Bias FX preset directly after sharing it on TC. This is how I tend to do it since I do most of the editing on the computer.

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    Awesome! Looks like I need to get the desktop versions

  • What? I'm not understanding what you're wanting, or gaining, by all this.

  • @tannhauser If you do this you do not need to use something like Audiobus and a second app to use IRs on iPad. You can setup on the computer and use the amp withbaked in IR in both.

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    The IR loader I have in iOS, Fiddlicator, is really sketchy under IAA, and I;d way rather have my IRs as part of the amp itself, and that BIAS FX tip was really cool, thanks!

  • Ohh. I wasn't understanding due to the sequence suggested. So, you're saying, as some amps like the Merrow have their own (unseeable and un-tweakable) cab, your own created in Bias are similarly stored? Wonder where it stores the IR.....