Arranging amps in the browser

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    Is there any way in BIAS FX iOS to arrange the amps in the browser? Or maybe even different folders? And in BIAS Amp, how do you move the amps from one category to another? Is there a way to make your own categories?

  • I'm not sure how to rearrange the amps, but if you want to move amps between folders you can do so by:

    1. Go to the amp you want to move and press the box with the arrow on the top right.

    2. Click 'Save as New'.

    3. Create a name and choose the folder you would like to move the amp to.

    This will store the amp in that folder.

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    Thanks! Hopefully I can figure a way to clean up the Amp section in Bias FX with all my frankenstein creations!

  • Yes, I have asked PG about this before... I think they need to improve the organization of user amps and amps imported with presets from Bias FX. When I am selecting amps in Bias FX there are sooooo many amps in there it is impossible to find what I'm looking for most of the time. Some user categories would really help.

    The fact that changing the IR or making an amp match etc in Bias Amp results in a custom amp in FX really makes this worse too. There needs to be a search function and user menus... it really affects usability for those of us who have large preset collections.

    The Custom amps from Bias Desktop appear in what seems to be an arbitrary order! If you could even alphabetize them or something it would help. Anything beyond looking at 300 icons. ;)

  • That's why I always use either within my DAW. Now Reaper is pretty backward with its patch list drop-down - you can't do Anything with organization - but at least it's in a list and the window is long enough to accommodate my patch names, even if I'm using two amps and I detail them.

    Again, though, the interface suffers because it's descendant from mobile.

    Oh, by the way, you can drag and drop patches from one back to another, and they're copied. And it asks you.....

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    "The presets are saved on a per plugin basis with the rest of reaper's resources (Option>>Show resource path). All are called preset-vst-pluginname.ini and they are text files you can edit."

    Not sure if that's still the best way to do it, I thought SWS fixed something up

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