Jumping in with Both feet, realtime test

  • A2

    I'm not going to recommend anything till I put it through a real world test. The stuff still needs a LOT LOT LOT of work, but even in its current form, it is pretty incredible. Last night I took the stage for the first time in years, with a new band

    To add to the pressure, I decided I would also only bring the ipad, irig hd 2 and blueboard...if it was going to epic fail, I wanted to be mad enough that I would DEFINITELY force myself into building my own even sooner.....this is EXACTLY how we made REAPER, under the pressures of real world use and intending to fail forward quickly

    Each band took between ten and twenty minutes to set up, and this was a night where each band was to play 2 or 3 songs....Absolutely TERRIBLE disrespectful ettiqutte, I'd say, but that's another topic

    I told myself "You have ONE minute to get this set up and playing or you just go and plug into the Marshall and don't worry about it." In less than a minute I had it up, with the bluetooth pedalboard and expression pedal working, sounds out the amp and the tuner up on the screen....Incredible, I went in expecting EPIC fail, and was blown away that it just plain worked, and FAST

    So here we go, INSTANT clean to distortion switching, faster than even some Multi-FX pedalboards


    And what is the one, absolute, NIGHTMARE DSP effect that keeps plugin designers up all night sweating, clutching the sheets? Harmonizers in realtime, the absolute bane and pain of realtime FX